CONGRATS! Jaden Smith Hits 100M Streams On Spotify!! Peep How Will Smith Congratulations Him!! [Video] — Jaden Smith is carving his own niche by being unique and being himself. We want to congratulate Jaden Smith for reaching a hundred million 100 million streams on Spotify. That’s big. In fact, his father Will Smith even went on Instagram to congratulate his son on this huge success.

Will Smith went on Instagram and actually impersonated his son just to show him how much he loves him and how much he’s proud of him. A lot of people call Jaden Smith weird and the son of a rich Hollywood star. Who probably never had to work hard for anything in life. But that’s simply not true. Jaden Smith is constantly showing you that he’s on his grind. Check out was being reported below.

Will Smith is one supportive Dad, especially upon seeing one of his talented kids already following in their father’s footsteps of musical success. The rapper/actor put on his finest post-millennial gear and faux gold teeth to dust off his best impression of youngest son Jaden, all to commemorate his song “Icon” hitting one hundred MILLION streams on Spotify. Will went into full “Syre” mode — fake bleached blonde hair, gold chains, faux grill, denim jacket and all… Source