Drake and Lil Wayne remix Jay-Z’s “Family Feud” from his 4:44 album!

Drake and Lil Wayne remix Jay-Z’s “Family Feud” from his 4:44 album! — Lil Wayne‘s highly anticipated “Dedication 6” is finally here after fans have been patiently and non-patiently waiting.

However, it seems like one song didn’t make the cut, however according to Wayne that is for a good reason.

Today after Jay released the video to “Family Feud,” Drake and Weezy released their remix.

Drake has a lot of powerful words for Donald trump along with support for rapper Meek Mill.

His words for trump fit alongside the video that Jay released where both artists are speaking on the current president.

In regards to Meek, Drake raps,

“I need my paper long, like a Milly verse/Too long, like a sentence from a Philly judge/F**k is the point in all the beefing, when we really blood?”

But Drake was not done, he goes into talking about the beef between Wayne and Birdman which I guess is only right given the title of the song.

“Tell me if TD Bank is approving loans/I’m thinking of paying Wayne what Universal owes/My n***a spent a lifetime going platinum and gold/He should own half of the label, s**t out of control.”

Being that this song didn’t make it on the album, Weezy did promise his fans something more.