Erick Sermon Introduces TrackLib SAMPLING Website!! This Is For The Culture! [Listen]

Erick Sermon Introduces TrackLib SAMPLING Website!! This Is For The Culture! [Listen] — Erick Sermon, Tom Silverman, and Rockwilder Join Together for A Music Sampling ‘Ted Talk’ And Explain Why They Believe Tracklib Will Change the Way Producers Create Music.

The excitement was in the air at the exclusive Tracklib studio session recently held at Erick Sermon’s Def Squad studios in Ronkonkama, Long Island about two hours outside of NYC.

Legendary music executive and founder of Tommy Boy Records, Tom Silverman, joined Erick Sermon and super producer Rockwilder to introduce Tracklib, a game-changing new online service that makes it easy and affordable for artists and producers to clear samples legally.

“Some people would say the fifth pillar of Hip-hop is sampling because where would Hip hop be without sampling,” said Tom Silverman.

“I don’t know if there would be Hip-hop without sampling.” “Tracklib has so many dope songs that you never heard before. Even though theres about fifty-thousand songs on there now, I’ve been doing this for thirty-years, the first twenty samples on there I never heard before,” said Erick Sermon who spoke to a room full of journalists who were able to get early access to the platform that will be available for everyone later this year.

“As well as sampling on Tracklib, I definitely want to be one of the people who contribute to Tracklib as far as having my own original content.” said Rockwilder. “Now you’re able to afford the sample at a really cool price, get it cleared right in front of you and then its yours,” said Erick Sermon.

Tracklib has also garnered the support of legendary Hip-Hop producers, Statik Selektah, Prince Paul, Mr. Green, Hank Shocklee and QuestLove, who have gained early access to the platform.

Musicians and producers can log onto the site to request access at


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