THE GOD MC!!! Rakim Says He’s Tired Of Bullsh*t Music Being Called Hip Hop!! [Video]

THE GOD MC!!! Rakim Says He’s Tired Of Bullsh*t Music Being Called Hip Hop!! [Video] — The God MC has spoken and I wish the FANS would listen. Rakim is upset about the music being put out right now and people calling it hip-hop. I’ve learned not to get upset with the artists because… at the end of the day, they’re trying to feed their families. They trying to come up just like everyone else. I’m more upset with the fans. I’m upset with the fans allowing themselves to basically fall for everything. The fans are the one buying tickets to rappers concerts… rappers who are putting out water down music and calling it hip-hop. This is the reason we have bullsh*t out right now being portrayed as Hip-Hop.

If the fans STOP supporting the Bullsh*t…we wouldn’t hear a lot of this bullsh*t. Let’s go to the source. The source of the bullsh*t….record labels and the fans who are buying it.

Check out what’s being reported below by friends over at The Source magazine.

Rakim is not rocking with today’s hip-hop scene. The Goat emcee and one half of the legendary DJ/Rapper duo Eric B & Rakim, took to Twitter on Tuesday to – with as much detail as possible and taking full advantage of the extended character count– make his opinion on the rap scene today known. Rakim’s sentiments have been echoed from a few of the music industries OG’s who feel that what made Hip-Hop powerful is being lost. Legendary Producer Quincy Jones in a recent interview with vulture said that with the exception of Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar the hip-hop music coming out was valueless. Jones referred to artists of today and producers as being “greedy” and unknowledgeable of the history.

Rakim and Quincy Jones may have a point as artists today have been if nothing else, ignorant of the history of the rap game. Platinum selling rapper XXXtentacion in a Twitch interview with DJ Akademiks claimed he was better than Tupac Shakur because Tupac didn’t make rock music. Lil Yachty in a 2016 interview with Billboard, couldn’t name five songs from neither Notorious B.I.G. or Tupac and even went as far as calling Biggie overrated, a statement which he later apologized for. There does seem to be a vast disconnect with the OG’s and the new rappers with the almost blatant disrespect on both sides. The question now is if we’ll see the God emcee, Rakim, get back in his bag and drop some new music to ruffle some feathers. Source