HOLD UP!!! Did Deelishis Have Plastics Surgery Or Face Lift!! [Watch]

HOLD UP!!! Did Deelishis Have Plastics Surgery Or Face Lift!! [Watch] — Now we’ve been following Deelishis career for many years and she never seems to disappoint. We remember when Deelishis was first on VH1 Flavor of Love. She is a Detroit townhome girl so you know of course we follow her career.

But most recently Deelishis has been posting several pictures on Instagram that’s leaving fans wondering. Many fans are wondering what is Deelishis doing to her body and her face. Because she’s looking totally different. Now don’t get it twisted she still looks good.

And many people are asking what exactly is delicious doing now that she didn’t do before. Is she having plastic surgery time? Or is it just a bunch of makeup and a different hairstyle? Who knows? The fans are really wondering because we’ve been reading a lot of comments in the comment section and we’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube where people are expressing interest and the different looks about VH1 start Deelishis. Maybe Futuristic Blogger can get an interview with Deelishis? That would be dope. We’re pretty sure Futuristic Blogger could get down to the bottom of this.

And find out exactly what’s going on with Deelishis and how her facial and body features change so drastically. We will keep you posted on any new updates with Deelishis.

In the meantime check out the pics leave us a comment below.