LA Fitness Racially Profiling? Jim Jones Says Racially Discriminated By LA Fitness Gym!! [Video] — Racial profiling is happening way too often. It doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant a hotel or gym, no one should be discriminated against based on their race.

And that’s exactly what rapper Jim Jones is accusing LA Fitness of doing. Jim Jones started recording his video live on Instagram when he felt that he was being racially discriminated against by LA Fitness. With Trump as our president, more racists think that is okay to be blunt with their racism.

A lot of these racists was in the closet and handle business and socialize on the dark web. But Trump made it popular to be racist again as if we’re living in the 1950s all over again. The people at LA Fitness did not know they with dealing with a famous rapper from Harlem New York named Jim Jones. And honestly, it looks like they caught Jim Jones on a good day. Because Jim Jones could have got real ugly in LA Fitness but I think maturity help him keep his composure. Check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comment section.