PRAYERS PLEASE!!! Rick Ross On Life Support In a Miami Hospital!! [Pics]

PRAYERS PLEASE!!! Rick Ross On Life Support In a Miami Hospital!! [Pics] — Rick Ross need our prayers. Rick Ross is currently in a Miami hospital hooked up to a life support machine. The details are sketchy right now but this is what we know. Rick Ross was found unconscious and unresponsive in his Miami home. We’re told…┬áRick Ross was foaming at the mouth and it looks like he could have possibly suffered a heart attack.

As you know Rick Ross lost a lot of weight and was trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

A lot of people don’t know… Rick Ross had a couple of seizures a few years ago. And Rick Ross also has diabetes.

We hope Rick Ross pulls through.

Here’s what being reported by TMZ.

Rick Ross has been hooked up to a machine that’s taking over the function of his heart and lungs … according to sources connected to the music mogul. Rick is in a Miami area hospital getting treatment in the cardio unit — a strong sign he might have suffered a heart attack which manifested itself as respiratory issues early Thursday morning. TMZ broke the story … Rick was rushed to a hospital after a 911 caller reported he was unresponsive and “slobbing at the mouth.”

We’re told doctors have put him on something called ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. It’s a technique used to oxygenate his blood outside of his body, before it’s pumped back into his body.

It’s essentially a form of life support and a clear sign of how dire Rick’s situation is right now. Source