REAL TALK! Plies Message To NFL Players “Get Yo Money” They Trying To Close The Trap!! [Watch] — Is The NFL boycott is officially over? Most people watch the Super Bowl last night and ended their boycott. We boycotted the NFL quietly for 10 weeks. Once the NFL announced that they were going to donate a hundred million dollars to social Urban social causes we decided maybe it’s time to watch football again.

Even though we were not completely satisfied with the Super Bowl teams that were playing. Do you think Colin Kaepernick watch the Super Bowl last night? Florida rapper Plies posted a video on social media yesterday with a direct message to NFL players.

Basically telling the NFL players to get their money. This is the time to get your money and Invest. This is the time to let your money do the talking for you. We can protest and kneel but at the end of the day it boils down to the money. Plies who’s probably one of the realest rappers out but a lot of people don’t know Plies has a degree in nursing. Plies is smart he was able to flip his education into the hip-hop world. Check out the video below.