WELL DAMN!!! Turk Sends a Message Straight To T.I, Tee Grizzley, Young Buck and Wacka Flocka!! [Video]

WELL DAMN!!! Turk Sends a Message Straight To TI Tee Grizzley Young Buck and Wacka Flocka!! [Video] — Hot Boy Turk is not biting his tongue. Hot Boy Turk recorded a new video letting everybody know who he sent songs to and he ain’t playing no games. Hot boy Turk called out a few rappers by name and let them know that he sent them songs and he’s waiting for them to respond. We don’t normally see videos like this from rappers calling out other rappers about emailing songs to them and no response back.

As you know Turk been doing a lot to get back to where he was before. Since Turk went to prison, he hasn’t been back on top of the rap game like he should be.

But all that is about to change in 2018.

Turk still waiting for that big song to put him back where he needs to be. And that’s why he’s so passionate in this new video just released about sending rappers tracks and not hearing back from them. Was this the right route to go? Who knows? We will see if T.I, Young Buck, Tee Grizzley, Waka Flocka and Kidd Kidd respond to Turk video. Sometimes we look at certain things as negative…but when it comes back with a positive results we tend to look at it differently.

And maybe Turk will have a positive result from this particular video.

We will see. Check out the video.