WHOA!!! #LayzieBone BLAST #Wack100 and #Migos Saying “Wack F*ck You Ni**a” [Watch]

WHOA!!! #LayzieBone BLAST #Wack100 and #Migos Saying “Wack F*ck You Ni**a” [Watch] — Last week we reported that the Migos said they are the greatest hip hop group of all time. Bone Thugs and Harmony reacted to that particular video and Bizzy Bone was very emotionally upset. Bizzy Bone wasn’t just pissed off at the Migos because that’s what they supposed to say.

Bizzy was pissed off at magazine writers, record Executives and others who allow this type of Madness to go on in Hip Hop. We posted Bizzy video and got a strong reaction from the fans. Where apparently Wack 100 had something to say about Bizzy Bone calling him a snitch on the gram. Now Layie Bone who is currently in Germany has some words for wack 100.

And this seems to be getting pretty out of hand. As you know Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has a huge following. Almost like Wu-Tang Clan. If you mess with one you have to mess with all of them. Let’s hope this beef between Wack 100, The Migos and Bone Thugs and Harmony all in and peace. We don’t need any more tragedies and Hip Hop. Check out the video below and tell us what you think.